My Weekend Lesson About Life

We have just concluded a very successful first pop-up store in Klang Valley for Petite Troopers! Technically, it was both Petite Troopers and Little Baby Grains but the focus was very much on Petite Troopers, since Petite Troopers has always been an online affair.

I’d set some targets for our event, and to my pleasant surprise, we exceeded them! All in all, it was definitely a very successful event and it also gave us a good indicator of the response to our handmade items.

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Men vs Women

Have you read my latest blog post? It’s about the 3 (really simple) ways us women can do to just push ourselves that little bit more every day. Mentally, that is.

I dislike stereotypes. People are unique and when we shove them into categorised boxes, we’re disregarding the parts of them that don’t exactly make it into those categories.


Nevertheless, we do need some form of broad categorisation in life and that’s precisely what I did when I wrote my blog post!

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Is There Anything About Rice We Should Know

I hope you enjoyed my previous post on the benefits of rice for babies. While searching for information on the suitability of rice for babies, one topic that came up was the linkage between rice and arsenic.

Why is arsenic a concern?

High arsenic levels in food can lead to cancers and thus are a definite concern especially for children. Organic arsenic is arsenic that naturally occurs in soil and water.

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Trip of Wonders – Gili Island

The destination that I most looked forward to throughout the whole trip was Gili Island!

I heard a lot of good things about Gili from friends but I have never been to the island before. I’m so glad that I finally get to visit the island that everyone has been talking about. Our itinerary at Gili Island was basically free and easy, we’re allow to stay at the beach to sun tan or to join the group and go island hopping!

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Easy Japan Car Rental, Tabirai

Ever since I got my first car (I drive an old second-hand car, whom I named “black sugar”) I’ve been pretty much reliant on it. Driving around the city just allows me to do so much more, I don’t have to spend time getting lost at MRT stations, or spending time and fussing around with taxi drivers anymore. Besides, with the development of the GPS nowadays, I pretty much can get around anywhere all by myself!

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My Kind of Cardio!

I’m sure a lot of you have already heard of, but for those who don’t, know well it’s basically a page for you to ask people questions anonymously. I have been on this page a while now and one of the most frequent question I get on my page is how to burn fat and what kind of cardio that I do.

I find it very hard to answer this question in such a short post so I decided to share what kinds of workout routines that I do!

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What Fish Is Good For Baby?

We consume fish in our household on a weekly basis and I try to vary the type of fish that I cook so that we don’t consume too much of one type. The topic of fish and mercury has always been on my mind but only recently did I do some reading up on it (because Baby Junior has started solids). The thing about reading up on articles advocating the consumption of a particular food over the other is it’s important to read with an open mind.

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The Mindset Problem

I don’t know this film but I know this quote.

Tonight, I really felt like writing down my personal struggle in my role as housewife. Just like any normal person, I have my bad days. I try my best to turn these bad days into something positive, but my journey as a stay-at-home mum has been anything but easy. I’m thankful that I have had a whole month of rest after Baby Junior’s birth because this one month has allowed me to reflect.

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My Top 5 Favorite Iphone App

Hello everyone! Writing this while in Da Nang, the weather here is pretty bad… raining almost everyday and I’m pretty much stuck in my room every morning. But that’s good, means that I’ll have time to pen down my thoughts and share stuff with you guys! Recently, everyone have been sharing or making videos on “What’s in my iPhone” and since many of you guys also want to know, I thought why not share it here with you all today.

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Foodie Day

Family dinner tonight so I’m cooking pork shoulder. RM30 worth of pork shoulder is a loooot so I’m expecting to turn the leftovers into pulled pork sandwich.


While I’m busy in the kitchen, my helper’s cooking lunch and Dozer is tearing the playroom down.

Batch 1 of pork searing in my Dutch oven. No overcrowding so I have to sear the pork in 2 batches.

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