Blessing in disguise

Blessing in disguise

You know how people say that when an accident happens it’s like everything goes into slow motion. I can attest to that, but I can also add that it goes very quiet. When that drunk driver suddenly veered into my lane, everything went silent. It all seemed to take forever. The impact, the glass breaking and flying all over, the front of the car crushing in on me…it was so unreal, as if I was not part of it. And then it all went black.

I’ve been told they cut me out of the car. That the EMTs were sure I was not going to make it. But I did. I was in a coma for two weeks. After the accident because of a damaged back, I needed to learn how to walk again. I wasn’t sure I had the stamina to pick myself up after all of that. Many people wouldn’t have.

I spent two months in hospital becoming more depressed with each passing day. One evening when I returned from physio, one of my favorite nurses, one I’d confided in during those dark quiet hours one can only find in places like hospitals, handed me a book. It was called SELF TALK.

She said, “Read this. It will help you see things clearly.” And I did.

During that time in the hospital I became depressed and was sure my life was over. I’d been working as a stores clerk in a car part company. A dead end job I hated. But you know how it is, you need to pay the bills so you just stay year after horrible year. That job was certainly no motivation to get myself up walking and out of the hospital.

SELF TALK showed me that my life story was mine to write. It could be the story I was part of when the accident happened: a boring, broke, uninspiring story— or it could be something more, something special. I chose something special.

I’ve always been interested in gardening. I had a great garden at my house and spent nearly all of my spare time working in it. I loved seeing how my work transformed into beautiful flowers and beds of healthy vegetables. That book spoke to me: it said “follow your passion”. I knew my passion—it was gardening. I decided as soon as I was out of the hospital I was going to start my own gardening business!

It started small—one truck, with a lawn mower, a few tools and me. Now I have ten trucks, 25 employees, and last year we had a profit of $2 million. Who would have ever thought I’d be happy a drunk driver put me in the hospital, but I am!

There are pivotal moments in everyone’s life. For me I count among the most important life- changing moments that time when I picked up SELF TALK and read it. I’m sure it will do the same for you. Buy it here.

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