My Weekend Lesson About Life

We have just concluded a very successful first pop-up store in Klang Valley for Petite Troopers! Technically, it was both Petite Troopers and Little Baby Grains but the focus was very much on Petite Troopers, since Petite Troopers has always been an online affair.

I’d set some targets for our event, and to my pleasant surprise, we exceeded them! All in all, it was definitely a very successful event and it also gave us a good indicator of the response to our handmade items.

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Men vs Women

Have you read my latest blog post? It’s about the 3 (really simple) ways us women can do to just push ourselves that little bit more every day. Mentally, that is.

I dislike stereotypes. People are unique and when we shove them into categorised boxes, we’re disregarding the parts of them that don’t exactly make it into those categories.


Nevertheless, we do need some form of broad categorisation in life and that’s precisely what I did when I wrote my blog post!

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The Mindset Problem

I don’t know this film but I know this quote.

Tonight, I really felt like writing down my personal struggle in my role as housewife. Just like any normal person, I have my bad days. I try my best to turn these bad days into something positive, but my journey as a stay-at-home mum has been anything but easy. I’m thankful that I have had a whole month of rest after Baby Junior’s birth because this one month has allowed me to reflect.

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Spell Me Stress

Hello dearest. 🙂

Been a while as always.


Just got back from an overseas work trip – whenever I get the chance to travel overseas for work, I feel really really blessed.

As much as it takes a toll on me ’cause it is in fact hard work (it’s work after all), I still feel really full from being able to do it.


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This Is Why We Should Really Think Twice Before Saying “Don’t” To Our Kids

As Asians, we can’t help comparing our parenting methods with that of our Western counterparts. I believe that this is a much often talked topic when Asian parents come together and here’s a very typical conversation:

Asian Parent 1: Eh, last week we attended Aidan’s classmate’s birthday party. The classmate is American.

Asian Parent 2: Oh, that classmate ah. Sebastian right, his name?

Asian Parent 1: Yaya,

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Every Parent’s Horror

We went to Tokyo for lunch today.







I mean Tokyo Street at Pavilion KL. 😂😂😂

I really wanted to eat ramen and Z thought it’d be nice to bring the kids to see some Christmas decor, carolling and all so we headed downtown.

Ever since my mother, my life has been nothing much apart from work,

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What to do if you feel life is a bore

If you ever feel like your life is boring, mundane and you need a new challenge, here’s a suggestion for you.

Bring your kids (you need to have at least 2) on a holiday. WITHOUT your husband.

Because that’s what I did.

And this sticker is to reflect my hysterical giggle as I recollect the incident.

Since I lived to tell the tale, here are some useful indicators to tell you when it’s time to bring the kids on a trip all on your own.

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Blessing in disguise

You know how people say that when an accident happens it’s like everything goes into slow motion. I can attest to that, but I can also add that it goes very quiet. When that drunk driver suddenly veered into my lane, everything went silent. It all seemed to take forever. The impact, the glass breaking and flying all over, the front of the car crushing in on me…it was so unreal, as if I was not part of it.

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How I Turned It Around

Do you understand how humans say: “if it’s too excellent to trust you likely shouldn’t”?  Well, i’m about to inform you ways ignoring that little bit of understanding almost destroyed my existence, however also, in an unusual twist of fate, put me at the path to extraordinary achievement and happiness.

so i used to be a global magnificence gymnast. I went to the 2004 Olympics in Athens. I did ok however didn’t get on the podium in any of my activities.

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I assume like most people I got caught. I graduated with a degree in computer programming and my sister got me this job in a regulation company maintaining their database up-to-date and retaining their device for the workplace. It became easy work. I got paid, I spent all my cash, and I laboured, got paid again, and spent all my cash and …repeat… endlessly. It turned into like a hamster on its wheel,

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