Trip of Wonders – Gili Island

The destination that I most looked forward to throughout the whole trip was Gili Island!

I heard a lot of good things about Gili from friends but I have never been to the island before. I’m so glad that I finally get to visit the island that everyone has been talking about. Our itinerary at Gili Island was basically free and easy, we’re allow to stay at the beach to sun tan or to join the group and go island hopping!

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Easy Japan Car Rental, Tabirai

Ever since I got my first car (I drive an old second-hand car, whom I named “black sugar”) I’ve been pretty much reliant on it. Driving around the city just allows me to do so much more, I don’t have to spend time getting lost at MRT stations, or spending time and fussing around with taxi drivers anymore. Besides, with the development of the GPS nowadays, I pretty much can get around anywhere all by myself!

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Must Try Pad Thai in Thailand

[BANGKOK, THAILAND] One of the biggest reasons why Pad Thai in Thailand still reigns supreme is because of the use of charcoal fire instead of gas. Since charcoal is hardly used in Singapore these days, I’d say it’s pretty difficult to get a plate of pad Thai here that tastes as good as one that you can find in Thailand.

Our driver and tour guide, Mr. Jarun Boon, recommended a hidden pad Thai eatery where Thai celebs often patronize.

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