How A Simple Idea Stopped My Son From Crying To School Every Day

How A Simple Idea Stopped My Son From Crying To School Every Day

Children fall into 2 categories. Those who cry when their parents drop them off at school, and those who don’t.

Dozer falls into the former category. He cries whenever I drop him off at the school gate.




Most of you would know that I finally re-started Dozer on schooling in July this year.  It has been pretty much an ordeal for me sending him to school, ever since he re-started schooling, because I have to steel myself for the howling and crying every morning without fail.

I thought that it would probably go away after a month, but 2 months passed by and he was still going strong. With the crying, that is.

One night at a family dinner, I recounted my story to my cousin, who’s an educator in Melbourne. We discussed some possible solutions, and I went home feeling hopeful and encouraged. However, I was clear that all these solutions suggested by her would take time to be effective.

There was no miracle solution.

As usual, my busy schedule prevented me from trying any of these solutions. #badmum #fullofexcuses

However, I promised myself that I would start at least one of the solutions before 1 week had elapsed.

A couple of days later (before 1 week had passed), my cousin forwarded me an article. It was very interesting and the mother who had written the article had faced a similar situation: her child cried to school every day.

So, what did she do?

She drew a hug button on her child’s hand and her own.

What’s a hug button?

This is a hug button.

Every morning, before leaving for school, both Mummy and child would get a hug button on their hands. She told her child that if her child missed her in school and felt like crying, all the child had to do was to press that hug button and she would immediately feel it and hug her.

Apparently, it worked like a charm. The mother’s child stopped crying immediately.

I was intrigued. This was something I could easily and quickly try out and I had nothing to lose at all!

The next morning, before sending the kids off, I drew a hug button on everyone’s hand. The kids were really excited about it and after all, it was something new.

Well, guess what happened?


The next day, he didn’t cry either.

Nor the following day.

Nor the day after.

One week went by and on Friday, the teachers told me, “Dozer didn’t cry at all this week!”

I beamed.

The hug button was so miraculous that I could hardly believe it.

We’ve been using the hug button for almost a month now and it still works. Initially, I was afraid that the novelty would wear off and things would go back to square one, but they haven’t! (I hope I don’t jinx it with this blog post.)

The hug button has since evolved.

Some days, the kids call it their super power button and they morph into PJ Masks respectively after the hug button is drawn. Some days, they just want lots of buttons and I end up drawing numerous shapes on their hands.

Well, I’m certainly happy to oblige even if they want 10 hug buttons!

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