Men vs Women

Men vs Women

Have you read my latest blog post? It’s about the 3 (really simple) ways us women can do to just push ourselves that little bit more every day. Mentally, that is.

I dislike stereotypes. People are unique and when we shove them into categorised boxes, we’re disregarding the parts of them that don’t exactly make it into those categories.


Nevertheless, we do need some form of broad categorisation in life and that’s precisely what I did when I wrote my blog post! Hahaha.

We can’t deny gender differences and the general norm that men and women play different roles. But I’m truly impressed by the men. As much as we complain and make jokes about them, they’ve come a long way.

When it comes to parenting, they’ve changed so much since the time of our fathers. The men can take care of the kids as well as we do. Even if it isn’t always perfect, the important point is they’ve made effort.

They’ve attempted to bridge the gap between male and female roles.


So I think it’s only fair that women too make an effort to exercise ourselves mentally too so that we don’t fall too far behind.


I’m talking broadly here. So please don’t start bashing me on how women are actually smarter than men etc. 😂


We may be smarter in certain areas but we should make an effort to sharpen ourselves where we are not so strong.

I think it really makes a difference to a marriage, and the conversations between spouses. I find that it’s even more critical as a housewife because over time, our scope tends to get a little too micro.

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