The Aspiring Librarian

The Aspiring Librarian

If I told you I was a shy, bookish girl five years ago you might be surprised. I’d always kept to myself, got nervous around other people, and lived my life through the stories in the novels I read. It was a kind of life, but now I see it was a life controlled by fear. And if you live your life controlled by fear you’re never going to learn to fly, and I wanted to fly!

I was working in a library at the time, just twenty-two years old. It was a good job. Fair pay, quiet, very predictable. Sometimes people would come in and they’d be full of all of the exciting things they’d just done and I wished my life could have a bit of that.

One day one of those sorts of people, a young fit man, his brown wavy hair tossed about by his latest adventure, returned a book, it was titled Radical Growth. I looked at the cover of the book. I wondered what sort of book someone with such an adventurous life would read. I opened the covers to find out.

It was a motivational book, something I’d never been that interested in, but this one seemed to be written exactly for me! In the first chapter it asked me if this was the way I wanted to spend my one and only unique life. The only way I could answer that was with a no.

That night I went home thinking about that book. I sat down and wrote out a description of my best life, just like Radical Growth asked me to do. In that life, I had my own bookstore, I was successful and wealthy. I went on exciting holidays. I looked at that life on paper and vowed to make it real.

I’d always been a keen baker. I decided in my spare time away from the library I would start a bespoke bakery business to raise money for my bookstore. I started baking all sorts of unique creations: cakes shaped like exact replicas of a couples’ new house for a house warming party, cookies that looked like the ten breeds of dogs in the local dog show, and a pie that was a pie chart showing the local bank’s fantastic profits from the previous year. Through all of this, my reputation grew; I was earning loads of extra money. Enough to start my bookstore, which I did a year later.

It’s been five years now since I read Radical Growth , I’m still a bit of a shy bookish woman, but I’m also a rich one. My bookstore is thriving. I earn a great income that allows me to take exciting holidays. I’ve even met a shy bookish man who likes sky diving and bungee jumping just like me.

For all of the books I’ve read in my life, I’ve got to say Radical Growth has had the most impact on me. It helped me take that step that brought me to my new life and I’m so grateful. Give yourself the best present ever, buy Radical Growth here!

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