Trip of Wonders – Gili Island

Trip of Wonders – Gili Island

The destination that I most looked forward to throughout the whole trip was Gili Island!

I heard a lot of good things about Gili from friends but I have never been to the island before. I’m so glad that I finally get to visit the island that everyone has been talking about. Our itinerary at Gili Island was basically free and easy, we’re allow to stay at the beach to sun tan or to join the group and go island hopping! We chose to follow the group because it sounds more fun and adventurous! I will let the pictures do all the talking because most of what we did at the island was just sun tan, sun tan and sun tan.

After a few hours of sun tanning and chilling at the beach we decided to head to the famous Ombak sunset swing to enjoy the beautiful sunset in Gili Island! We took the donkey ride because the sunset area was a bit far from our hotel and we were running out of time but it was a whole new experience to take a donkey ride too!

I miss the beach life so much… Maybe I should plan another trip to Bali soon.

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